Success Story of IAS Officer Saloni Verma

Success Story of IAS Officer Saloni Verma 2021

Preparation for UPSC exam without coaching, became an IAS officer in the second attempt itself IAS Officer Saloni Verma

Success Story of IAS Officer Saloni Verma: Saloni Verma is originally from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, who prepared for UPSC exam without coaching and fulfilled the dream of becoming an IAS by achieving success in the second attempt.

IAS Officer Saloni Verma

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the results of Civil Services Exam 2020 (CSE Exam 2020) last month, in which Shubham Kumar of Bihar was the topper. Every year lakhs of students appear in the examination, but not all are successful. There are some of them who, due to their special preparation, achieve success. Similar is the story of Delhi’s Saloni Verma, who prepared for UPSC exam without coaching and fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS Officer Saloni Verma after getting success in the second attempt.

UPSC preparation started after graduation

Saloni Verma is originally from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, but most of her time was spent in Delhi and she also did her studies from here. After graduation from Hindu College, Delhi, Saloni started preparing for UPSC exam.
UPSC exam preparation without coaching
For UPSC exam preparation, Saloni Verma decided to prepare on her own without joining coaching. For this, he worked hard and achieved success in the UPSC exam only due to self-study. and become a IAS Officer Saloni Verma

Second Attempt IAS Officer Saloni Verma

Saloni Verma failed in her first attempt and could not even clear the prelims exam. However, despite this, he did not lose his courage and decided to give the exam again. However, for this he relied on self-study and worked hard and achieved the destination. Saloni became IAS Officer Saloni Verma by securing All India Rank 70 in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020.

How did Saloni prepare for UPSC exam?

According to Saloni Verma, he first understood the syllabus of UPSC exam and focused on interest apart from his own ability. After this, he prepared the study material according to the syllabus. Then he watched the interviews of UPSC toppers and read blogs. This helped them a lot. He believes that coaching is not necessary for UPSC. If you do not get the right guidance then you can join coaching, but here you will get success only due to hard work and self study

IAS Officer Saloni Verma advice to UPSC aspirants

Saloni Verma believes that if you want to prepare for the UPSC exam, then you have to move forward with a better strategy. She says that unless you try for it every day, you will not be able to reach your destination. According to him hard work, right strategy, maximum revision, practice of writing answers and positive attitude are very important for success. According to him a good strategy is very important to achieve success in less time. Although she failed in the first attempt, she did not give up and kept on moving towards her goal.