CRISIL Multiple Vacancy Recruitment 2021

CRISIL Multiple Vacancy Recruitment 2021

Hiring in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand: CRISIL Multiple Vacancy Recruitment 2021

For the scale-up of project in the Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand , CRISIL Foundation is starting 1st round of hiring for 52 CFLs in 35 District of Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand and looking. In this we are opening positions of 30 Centre Managers (CMs), 104 Field Coordinators (FCs) and 52 Data Entry Operators (DEO) in the blocks mentioned below:

About CRISIL Foundation

CRISIL Foundation was set up in March 2013, as a public charitable trust, to fulfil the corporate social responsibility of CRISIL Ltd. Our goal is the empowerment of vulnerable communities by strengthening their financial capabilities.

CRISIL’s flagship CSR programme, Mein Pragati is engaged in building financial resilience among women from remote, rural villages of Assam and Rajasthan. Since 2015, Mein Pragati has strengthened the financial capabilities of over 500,000 community members, especially rural women, and has developed a robust community cadre of ‘Sakhis’ to drive financial-behaviour change in a sustained manner.

About RBI’s MoneyWise Centre for Financial Literacy (CFL) project

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) initiated the Pilot CFL project in 2017 in 100 blocks to strengthen the financial literacy and inclusion levels of the rural population at a block level. Out of 100, CRISIL Foundation is currently managing 25 CFL centres in Haryana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan – across in seven districts by closely working with Sponsor Banks, NABARD and the RBI.

Through a ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ approach, physical CFL centres/ office spaces with a 3-member team acted as the hubs, actively supporting local banks and stakeholders, while a trained cadre of local community cadre were the spokes driving outreach at community level. This cadre were local influencers who provided voluntary support to the programme to serve their communities, sometimes individuals (Rural Financial Advisors) and sometimes community institutions (Village Level Financial Inclusion Committees) and were supported by the CFL project by way of training, capacity building and facilitation.

Over the past three years, the CFLs have become an integral part of the financial inclusion ecosystem. Since inception till date; the centres have reached out to over 400,000 community members, facilitated over 110,000 linkage applications and received over 27,000 walk-ins into the CFL centre seeking resolution of queries/issues related to financial products and services, and also to avail financial products and services. The programme also created a vast pool of over 1,000 trained community cadre, who are providing local support to the CFLs in a voluntary/pro-bono manner.

As a key milestone in its National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) RBI has formally announced expanding the reach of the CFLs by 2024; basis which, it was decided to scale-up CFLs to every block in the country, in a phased manner with one CFL serving three blocks. As part of Phase I of the scale-up, CRISIL Foundation has been formally allotted a mandate to set up 429 CFLs covering 1,285 blocks spread across 234 districts in 14 states and 4 Union Territories. This includes 58 CFLs covering 156 blocks of Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand.

The above positions are open for the following blocks CRISIL Multiple Vacancy Recruitment 2021

StateDistrictBase Block of CFL
(Centre Manager (CM) and Data Entry Operator (DEO))
Adjacent Block 1
(Field Coordinator (FC))
Adjacent Block 2
(Field Coordinator (FC))
3UttarakhandTehri Garhwal (New Tehri)ThauldharChambaJaunpur
4UttarakhandTehri Garhwal (New Tehri)PratapnagarBhilanganaJakhanidhar
9UttarakhandPauri GarwalRikhnikhalBironkhalNainidanda
10UttarakhandPauri GarwalDwarikhalJaiharikhalYamkeshwar
11UttarakhandUttar KashiMoriPurolaNaugaon
14UttarakhandUdham Singh NagarJaspurKashipurBazpur
16Uttar PradeshAgraFatehpur SikriAchneraAkola
17Uttar PradeshAgraBahPinahatJaitpur Kalan
18Uttar PradeshAgraFatehabadKheragarhSainyan
19Uttar PradeshAligarhAtrauliBijauliGangiri
20Uttar PradeshAligarhKhairTappalChandaus
21Uttar PradeshAligarhDhanipurJawanLodha
22Uttar PradeshBaghpatBarautChhaprauliBinauli
23Uttar PradeshBareillyBhutaBithari ChainpurFaridpur
24Uttar PradeshBareillyRichha (Damkhoda)BhojipuraBaheri
25Uttar PradeshBhim NagarGunnaurRajpuraJunawai
26Uttar PradeshBijnorKiratpurAfzalgarhAakoo
27Uttar PradeshBijnorNoorpurHaldaurBudhanpur
28Uttar PradeshBudaunQadar ChowkUsanwaDehgawan
29Uttar PradeshBudaunBisauliIslamnagarAsafpur
30Uttar PradeshBudaunSamrerData GanjMiaon
31Uttar PradeshBulandshahrJahangirabadAnoopsaharUnchagaon
32Uttar PradeshBulandshahrLakhaotiSiyanaBB Nagar
33Uttar PradeshBulandshahrShiarpurDebaiDanpur
34Uttar PradeshEtahJaithraSakitAliganj
35Uttar PradeshFirozabadJasranaEkaAraon
36Uttar PradeshJyotiba Phule Nagar (Amroha)GajraulaHasanpurGangeshwari
37Uttar PradeshKansi Ram Nagar (Kasganj)AmanpurSaharwarSidhpura
38Uttar PradeshMahamaya Nagar (Hathras)SasniSadabadMursan
39Uttar PradeshMainpuriJagirSultanganjBarnahal
40Uttar PradeshMathuraManthRayaNaujheel
41Uttar PradeshMathuraChhataNandgaonGobardhan
42Uttar PradeshMoradabadBhagatpurBilariKunderki
43Uttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarKhatauliBudhanaJansath
44Uttar PradeshPilibhitBisalpurBilsandaBarkhera
45Uttar PradeshPrabudh Nagar (Shamli)UnnKairanaThanabhwan
46Uttar PradeshRampurMilakChamrauwaBilaspur
47Uttar PradeshSaharanpurPuwarkaSaholi QadeemMuzafrabad
48Uttar PradeshSaharanpurBaliakheriRampur ManiharanNanauta
49Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurBandaKhutarPowayan
50Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurJalalabadKanthMirzapur
51Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurTilharKatra KhudaganjNigohi

CRISIL Multiple Vacancy Recruitment 2021 :- Notification
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How to apply

Please apply by filling the form. Link –

  • I case getting any problem in filling the form so you can apply with subject line “Application for the post of (name of position) for (block name)”. For example “Application for the position of Center Manager for Block / District name ( Applied for)

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  • Current location
  • Relevant work experience (in month)
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