Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka

Grants Manager

Azim Premji Foundation

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Last Date :- 22-Oct 2021

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka

We are an 80-member team, embarking on an exciting journey that aspires to facilitate a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society through grant-making. In the last 6 years, 370+ grants have been made in our areas of intervention (further broken down into specific themes) – Gender Justice, Urban Poor, Land and Forest Dependent, Governance, Nutrition and Persons with Disability. The Azim Premji Foundation (Philanthropy) represents a workplace that is well entrenched in diversity, inclusion, and consists of individuals who are proficient at being specialized generalists, can double and triple hat with ease with BAU as well as specific projects with an aim to transform the organization’s mission. 

Overview The Grants Manager manages an area of intervention for the Azim Premji Foundation (Philanthropy) by making grants playing the role of a guide to a set of programme staff who work together at the theme and portfolio level in delivering grants. The incumbent ensures smooth program delivery and aids delivery of the operating plan. The incumbent will have complete accountability for a large programme and multiple grants that ensure the achievement of the stated goal/objectives 

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka :- Responsibilities


  • Provide guidance, mentorship and effective knowledge management within the team to ensure smooth program delivery
  • Manage the disbursal of large and high impact grants within the organization in individual capacity
  • Supplement the research and development of frameworks, models and theories around the operating area
  • Initiate relationships with think tanks and civil society organizations in order to further the organization’s understanding of an area
  • Ensure compliance of specific grant proposals to ensure that it meets the organization’s guidelines and requirements, and is a well drafted request, complete in all aspects
  • Work closely with the Senior Management Team (SMT) of the organization in order to agree and ensure delivery of grantee organizational development plans, where applicable

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka :- Strategic Direction and Theory of Change

  • The Grants Manager will contribute significantly in curating strategy and concept notes in a given theme
  • Co-create strategies, outcomes and impact frameworks with partners and external consultants
  • Assist the Philanthropic Initiatives (as an orchestrator) in working with the government, ministries and other departments when required

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka :- Grant opportunity and disbursement

  • Review all completed proposals to ensure that required information has been provided. Ensure that the story of the grantee organization comes through clearly.
  • Lead the efforts on the due diligence process and partner engagement
  • Help the partner develop results frameworks and ensure that the thinking around the results framework is in keeping with the operating plan
  • Conduct meaningful conversations with all grantees that validate their results framework/s for review and action by the Board
  • Post approval, provide leadership to working with the finance team and the grantees to ensure that the financial resources reach them in time
  • Ensure compliance to the grant making system through the entire lifecycle of a grant

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka :- Program Management and Delivery

  • Take charge of all program management activities, start to finish
  • Work with the SMT to ensure optimum allocation of work within the team, adherence to timelines, achievement of milestones and take responsibility for corrective action as and when required
  • Identify, assess and manage risks arising out of uncertainty of the program strategy, design or delivery
  • Manage multiple stakeholders and work closely with them to bring together the program as envisioned by the organization

Learning and Reflection

  • Ensure a balance with sometimes, competing needs and priorities, between the grantee and the Philanthropic Initiatives
  • Develop guidelines for effective reflection, learning, and change
  • Work on the results from learning and reflection exercise to create best practices and introduce process improvements
  • Report out on learning and reflection at an area level and make sure that the process is beneficial to grantees and the Philanthropic Initiatives


  • High action orientation
  • Information seeking
  • Collaboration
  • Partnership Management
  • Communication (written and oral)
  • Strong solidarity with the vulnerable

Grants Manager Azim Premji Foundation Karnataka :- Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree strongly preferred
  • 8 to 15 years of work experience, either in a field operations role or work experience with a grantmaker
  • Should have made significant and long-lasting contributions in his/her area of specialization
  • Should have lead teams and have had accountability for large goals in his/her previous assignments
  • Grant-making experience strongly preferred; a desire to work in and with nonprofit sector is essential
Job Email id:jobs.philanthropy(at)

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